Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following terms and conditions of sale apply exclusively to each transaction for deliveries, recommendations, execution of works and agreements.

Content of the website

The information contained within this web site is provided purely for informational purposes. Despite all the efforts of HENROPRINT to provide up-to-date information, the website may include inaccuracies. HENROPRINT disclaims all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this information by the user. HENROPRINT reserves the right to change or update the information on its website at any time, without prior warning. HENROPRINT can in no way be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this website.

Availability of the website and access to services

HENROPRINT can in no way guarantee the website will operate without interruption or be error free, nor guarantee it is free from viruses or any dangerous components. HENROPRINT disclaims all warranties, express or implied, relating to the availability and conformity of the website and its ability to meet the user’s expectations. HENROPRINT shall in no way be held liable for any direct or indirect damages as a result of the impossibility of browsing or using the services available within this website. Moreover, HENROPRINT reserves the right to discontinue the provision of services and can in no way be held liable for closing access to the services.

Intellectual property

The user agrees to respect the intellectual property of HENROPRINT and third parties. Communicating trademarks, pictures, drawings, images and texts within the HENROPRINT website should not be interpreted as an authorization to reproduce the content of this site to the user.

User account, password and security

The user is solely responsible for preserving the security of his profile (email address and password). HENROPRINT shall not be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from any unauthorised use of their user account.


The automatic data recording systems are considered valid proof of the nature, content, and date of the order. HENROPRINT confirms acceptance of the client’s order to the email address provided by the latter. HENROPRINT reserves the right to cancel orders from a client in the event of non-payment of previous orders. When placing an order which is binding the buyer has an obligation to provide accurate information: in the event of an error in the recipient’s address, HENROPRINT cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product.


A client ordering an execution or reproduction is supposed to dispose of the right to. HENROPRINT is not responsible for infringements of the reproduction rights held by third parties if he executed the printing or production order in good faith. Only the Client is liable. Any creation by HENROPRINT– i.e. our projects, models, sketches, layouts or graphic creations – no matter the technique, shall permanently remain our exclusive property both material and intellectual. HENROPRINT’S prior consent is necessary for any subsequent production or use. Reproduction or imitation in any form or by any means is strictly prohibited and constitutes counterfeiting or an act of unfair competition. Digital compositions, projects, drawings and pictures by and/ or HENROPRINT are part of the latter’s material; the client, unless otherwise agreed, can in no way require any of them, prior to or after the work. In no case may the client oppose to HENROPRINT mentioning its name on the prints; even if the name of a publisher or intermediary, advertising agent or other parties already appears on the printed work.

Composition, pageproof and ready for press

Unless specified, the choice of font and layout are left to HENROPRINT. Clients get PDF pageproofs. Eventual amendments shall be specified by mail or fax. Amendments given in person or over the telephone shall be executed at the client’s own risk. HENROPRINT can in no way be held responsible for any delay in delivery due to amendments to the initial order. By transmitting a duly dated and signed “ready for press” document the client relieves HENROPRINT from any liability concerning errors and omissions prior or subsequent to printing. The “ready for press” remains the property of HENROPRINT and is used as documentary evidence in the event of a dispute.


HENROPRINT is required to comply with the codes and customs of the paper industry. They provide, among other: a tolerance of 10% (greater or less) on the ordered quantity depending on the size of the order, a tolerance of 8 % (greater or less) on the imposed micrometric thickness of the paper or card; a tolerance of 5 to 10% (greater or less) on the metric weight depending on the actual nature of the paper or card. The onset of minor shade differences, even from different parts of a same print, shall not in itself automatically warrant the refusal. Total colour consistency; perfect inks, inking and alignment inalterability can in no way be guaranteed. The Client shall expressly accept any deviation specific to the nature of the printing work.

Rejection of responsibility and limitation of liability

To be considered valid, any refusal or complaint must be notified by registered post within a period of eight days after receipt of goods. In the event the supplier does not receive any complaint within this period, the Client shall be deemed to have accepted the delivered goods. It is expressly agreed that the client cannot cite any latent defect. Usage even partial of the delivery shall automatically imply its approval: defect of part of the order shall not entitle the client to reject the entire delivery. The responsibility of HENROPRINT is limited to refunding the nonconforming part of the order, and can in no way not lead to financial compensation.

Risks – material of the client

The necessary material for production of the order shall exclusively be sent per e-mail, fax or mail to HENROPRINT. Drawings, photos, colour selections, hardware and all goods; paid or not, made available by the customer and which find themselves in the HENROPRINT premises are there at the customer’s risk. HENROPRINT can in no way be held responsible for any possible damage or loss; for any reason whatsoever.

Applicable law and competent court

All disputes concerning the Agreement shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts of Liège.